Terms & Conditions

We created Laundryprime to make your life easier. Our goal is to apply loving care to your clothes.

We take every precaution to ensure that the very best care is taken throughout the process. We do this by using our own organic detergent, which leaves biodegradable residue and plant safe water. We use the outlet water in public parks and gardens; thereby harvesting the water rather than draining them to the manhole.

But cleaning clothes is a tricky business. Fabrics can be temperamental, metal zips, buckles, beads and other bits of hardware on garments can get into trouble, colors can be sensitive and new garments can react badly to being tumble-dried depending on the way they were manufactured. These are just a few of the potential hazards.

Honesty and integrity are values we hold above all others at Laundryprime and we hope we prove that to you everyday. But in the spirit of honesty and clarity we feel that it is extremely important that we lay out our store policies, which are put into place so that everyone is aware what terms they are agreeing to when they leave items to be cleaned in any of our stores.

Loss or damage

  • At Laundryprime we go to great lengths to ensure that your garments are treated with the very highest level of attention to detail and care. However, in extremely rare instances a garment may be misplaced, lost or damaged in the cleaning process. In this unlikely scenario, if the mishap is our fault, the following outlines our policies for making a claim.

Wash , Dry & Press service

  • At Laundryprime we use cold to wash as a standard wherever possible and dry on the lowest heat setting. We will use warm water if instructed by the customer and hot water only when instructed and when it is absolutely necessary. We generally use cold water both because it is the gentlest treatment possible for your garments and colors and equally importantly because it means a huge reduction in our footprint, which helps us towards our sustainability goals. We also use our own organic detergents. With this in mind, as there is physically nothing more that we can do to protect your garments in the washing process Laundryprime will not accept any responsibility for any item that may in any way become compromised during the cleaning process.
  • We use steam press to keep your clothes in best of fabrics & shapes. Not all clothes can be pressed and hence our experienced laundry masters use steamers to keep them fresh and wrinkle free. Please advice the laundry agents in case you need any special care other than what is mentioned by manufacturers.
  • If a garment is new and being washed for the first time there is a risk that some shrinkage may occur or that colors may run. We will not accept responsibility for shrinkage to any garment during the drying process or damage due to bleeding of color of any garment during the wash cycle.
  • If you feel that a garment is at risk of damage during the normal cleaning process, we will be very happy to hand wash it for you at your cost and dry the garment by air. Whilst this is the safest way for a delicate garment to be cleaned and we will of course take EVERY caution to ensure its safety, we must be clear that we cannot take responsibility for items left hanging in our stores.
  • Laundryprime will not accept responsibility for sorting through items that are to be washed and items that are to be dry-cleaned. Laundryprime does not provide dry-cleaning services yet as we are still researching the best organic drycleaning solution. Laundryprime will assume that any item given to us is to be washed. Please do not give us clothes which can only be dry-cleaned.
  • Laundryprime will not accept responsibility for loss of color, shrinkage or damage to items which are vintage or purposefully distressed (i.e. jeans or shirts that are designed to appear vintage) We wish to advise that items that have been treated to appear vintage are highly likely to perform badly in the washing and drying process over a period of time much shorter than sturdily made garments.
  • Laundryprime records all its operation under CCTV and clothes are tagged under high resolution cameras to check for any existing damages or wear-outs. In cases of any claims, Customer would be invited to our premise to check the footage and decision will be taken at the behest of customer. We wont admit claims beyond two days of delivery.
  • Laundryprime agents carry smart app which takes the count of each type of clothes you wish to give for laundry, we advise customers to take caution and be attentive when the agent is taking the itemized count. Hereafter if an item does go missing through our error, then our liability is capped at ten (10) times the value of the laundry charges of that particular clothes mentioned in the invoice.
  • Laundryprime advises its customer to check the pockets of clothes before giving it to laundry agents, We would not be able to admit any claims of valuable left in the clothes.
  • In rare instances, it is possible that an item may become misplaced or lost. In the event that a customer should wish to make a claim for a missing item, the customer must present the original itemized list, which accompanied the bag within 48 hours.

Add-on services

  • Laundryprime does provide Alteration, Spot cleaning, Starching, Hanger packing & Repair services for nominal charges. Do speak to our agents for further details.


  • Laundryprime does not provide dry-cleaning services yet. Since our goal is to have 100% solution for every operations, we are still researching the best possible solution to provide organic dry-cleaning service. We have made breakthrough there too; however, we are still BETA. We would be happy to share the launch of our organic dry-cleaning services with you.

Wool & Cashmere

  • Although our organic detergent is well suitable for woolen fabrics, Cashmere and cashmere blends are very delicate and can be unpredictable in the washing process. Whilst it is not uncommon for some wool or cashmere blends to machine washable, we only recommend dry cleaning for these types of garments. We will not accept responsibility for any damage or shrinkage of any item made from such fibres, which are sent to us for regular wash and press service.


  • Laundryprime is a startup with a zeal to go 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Hence we promote reuse & recycle mantra. We provide one Laundry bag made of non-woven polyester to receive & deliver clothes. Inside the laundry bag, we pack clothes in reusable plastic bags which should be given back to our agents during next pickup. We have almost got the biodegradable packaging finalized and soon we will replace reusable plastics with 100% biodegradable packaging.